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Notice this section is EXPERIMENTAL and the interface may change before release.

The Replay system can be used for getting historical data from the system.

The base path:

The reference section will soon be found here (not yet ready):

GateHouse Replay Webservice Reference

Historical AIS data for an area

To fetch AIS data, call the /replay/data API with the desired time period and geographical area (the area may be omitted).

/replay/data?begin=2016-02-09T10:25:00Z&end=2016-02-09T15:25:00Z&area=〈geojson〉&format=〈format〉 GET

The area parameter, if present, must be of type Polygon.

If the format parameter is not present, or is set to text, the return value is:

{ "data": 〈NMEA data〉 }

If the format parameter is set to binary, the return value is:

{ "data": [ { "ts": 〈timestamp〉, "data": 〈Base64 data〉 }, ... ] }

This format is for internal use only and is not yet documented.

Historical track data for a vessel

To fetch the track for a vessel, call the /replay/track API with the MMSI and the desired time period.

/replay/track?mmsi=123456789&begin=2016-02-09T10:25:00Z&end=2016-02-09T15:25:00Z GET

An optional foruser parameter can be used to specify a user name for debugging purposes.

Return value:

{ "records": [ { "pos":〈GeoJSON-X〉, "dst": "AIS", "origin": { "mmsi": 21900123, "region": 17, "country": 219 } }, ... ] }

Query available time range

To determine for which periods data is available, use

/replay/range GET

Return value:

{ "database": { "begin": 〈timestamp〉, "end": 〈timestamp〉}, "filestore": { "begin": 〈timestamp〉, "end": 〈timestamp〉} }

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes


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